She is suffering from a rare type of cancer and Judge Altham


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cheap christian louboutin shoes One family, the Hoskers from Padiham, discovered Bridge had raided the 130,000 left to two daughters by their mother, Alison, who took her own life.Pensioner Colin Barfoot Cheap Christian Louboutin, from Accrington, was left short to the tune of 50,000, after Bridge transferred money from his mother’s estate to an unrelated account. He told police he had suffered ‘extreme anxiety’ over the lost money.And Andrew Siddall, who runs a catering business in Clayton le Moors, told the court how he was threatened with repossession when Bridge failed to carry out the remortgaging of a property for him.Bridge, 44, of Cumbrian Way, Burnley, admitted theft Cheap Christian Louboutin Sale, false accounting and fraud charges, involving 961,973.Roach, 35, of Bramley Avenue, Burnley, who admitted theft involving 141,741, will be sentenced on January 8. She is suffering from a rare type of cancer and Judge Altham ordered further medical reports.An inquiry found that Bridge had effectively moved money around between different clients to disguise shortfalls in certain accounts.Mark Stuart, defending, said his client had been promoted to become a partner in SFN just three years after qualifying and had been left to tackle the firm’s grave financial problems on her own.He told the court one of the other partners, Tracy Stansfield, had sought to leave the firm Christian Louboutin Shoes Sale Cheap Christian Louboutin, and another, John McNabb, was only interested in carrying out matrimonial work and was away from the office.Mr Stuart said not only had SFN been forced to shrink the size of its overdraft, and was repaying loans at the rate of 21,000 per month despite only generating 50,000, it was still meeting a large ‘goodwill’ payment to a former partner every year.He said: “She was seeking to cover up one mistake with a series of really disastrous decisions cheap christian louboutin shoes.