A Simple Thanksgiving Dinner Menu


What’s on the Thanksgiving Dinner Menu: Main Course Ideas

Let’s Talk Turkey

Turkey, for most, is a staple food on the Thankgiving dinner menu. Dating back to the time of the Pilgrims and the first thanksgiving it is no surprise that many will expect to see this on the dinner table.

If you’ve never made a turkey before there are recipes, handling and cooking instructions that can be found all over the web if you don’t have access to mom or Grandma’s family recipes.

Ham it Up

Turkey is not for everyone. Some households prefer to serve up a deliciously baked ham (spiral hams being one of the most popular of choices) as a part of their main course menu. Canada Goose Parka In some homes what replaces Turkey as the main course is another type of fowl. These fowl alternatives can include: duck, quail and goose.

Prime Rib Idea

Prime rib may not be a very traditional main course when it comes to the Thanksgiving Menu, but it has become more and more popular through the years. Some choose to serve this up as the main meat on the table while others will have this or ham as an additional option for dinner guests.

Vegan Value Menu

If meat is a no no on your Thanksgiving dinner menu there are meat free alternatives. Tofurky is one of those options which incorporates vegetarian ingredients to create a loaf or casserole style meal. If you are creative you can make it yourself and form it in the shape of a traditional turkey dinner.

What’s on the Thanksgiving Dinner Menu: Side Dish Ideas, otherwise known as stuffing, has been a traditional staple on many thanksgiving dinner menus. There are many recipes that can be tweaked and fine tuned to fit preferences or time requirements. Don’t forget the Gravy!

Not a fan of mashed potatoes put some baby potato’s on the menu steamed or boiled and served with butter, gravy or your choice of topping. Any type of vegetable can be used: corn (on or off the cob), green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, celery. Choose what works best with your tastes and the rest of your thanksgiving menu or plan on having several options on the table. are another choice becoming more traditional as the years pass. Others prefer to have sliced specialty breads or regular everyday sliced sandwich bread as a part of the menu.

The thanksgiving dinner menu can seem quite overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Plan ahead and familiarize yourself with cooking times for the different dishes and things will just flow into place from there. Don’t be afraid to ask guests to bring their own favorite side dish, dessert or appetizer. You may be surprised how many of those joining you for dinner would be happy to share and show off their favorite thanksgiving recipes. Better yet ask them to bring their favorite after dinner desert to add to the extravagant meal you’ve prepared for them.